Sunday, January 16, 2011

It's not really a stretch...

by Elisa Morgan

Okay - you already clicked to open this Weekly ReFill. You're expecting - hoping for - some words of encouragement, or insight, or training, or help. Words for today. For right where you're living. For just what you're facing.

Guess what? They're already written. You just need to click once more. It's really not a stretch.

I know, you think, "I don't have time to read the whole magazine right now. I'll do it later." But then you don't. Ever. You forget about it. It falls below the line of pressing right-now-ness.

Can I talk you out of closing this email without one more click?

-Do you need some perspective on how to take a stretch in your leadership, your faith and your life?
Click here for Onwards and Upwards.
-Are you desperate for a turnkey curriculum for your small group TONIGHT? Click here for the FullFill™ Fountain template.
-Do you need to set your eyes on a woman who's using her gifts - just to give you hope that God might one day use you as well?
Click here and read about Pomegranate Place.
-Do you know the five traits most desired in a leader?
Click here for Quick Fill.
-Have you been wondering if you have any hospitality chromosome whatsoever?
Click here for "Untamed Hospitality."

And if you don't do any of the above, at the least, don't forget to bookmark FullFill™ to read later.

The staff of FullFill™ spent months writing and designing and acquiring just what you need to stretch so that you wouldn't have to bend backwards to get what you need to grow. It's really not a stretch! Click here.

And then, let us know if it helps?


  1. What REALLY keeps me from reading the magazine, or an article is having to sign in, with email and password....honestly! I was excited to get this letter of encouragement with quick links to make it easier...but alas, the click still brings me to a page to sign in....and I didn't...I wrote this comment instead...why make us sign in?

  2. (A quick response to the above comment...I don't have to log in all the time, so I imagine it has to do with your preferences of how you have set up your account. You might try messing around with that a little bit?)
    This weekly refill made me laugh, Elisa! What a great idea! (I'm not all the way done yet with the STRETCH issue, so I have it dragged out to my desktop for later mini-viewings.) I'm not trying to butter you all up, but that magazine really was fantastic! I love and appreciate everything about it: the articles themselves, the slick design and format, great photography, layout,! Everything!!
    I receive nothing remotely similar to this in my in-box and it really does leave me in awe.(perhaps I should get out more?)
    Keep up the good work on your end...and I'm going to try to better spread the word about this cool magazine/weekly emails to my friends.
    Note: No, I am not related to or friends with anyone on the staff... I'm just a happy subscriber! May God continue to bless your work.

  3. I woke up in a funky mood. Read my devotion about having a thankful heart, but an unresolved issue that weighed on my mind upstaged joy. When the weekly Fulfill popped up on my email I thought,why not read it. Maybe God can give me some guidance. Sure enough you referred me back to the magazine which I hadn't read yet. Wow!! Each article contained a moral of insight and inspiration that helped pull me out of my mood and get my mind right. I even had an epiphany from the article about being myopic. If it pans out, I'll let you know. I'm pumped now! Keep on publishing this magazine.