Monday, February 27, 2012

Pass it On!!

By Suanne Camfield

Keep reading to see how you can partner with FullFill and win a copy of Elisa Morgan's book She Did What She Could.

Influence is something we pass on.

I was reminded of it clearly last weekend as I soaked up my pastor's retirement party.

Patterned after the old TV show "This is Your Life" (which I admit I had to Google!) person after person stepped from behind a darkened screen to reveal their identity to the guest of honor and emotionally share the piece of their lives that would forever be changed by knowing him. First his sister, then an old boss, his daughter, his editor, several colleagues and his longest standing friend. It was a beautiful picture of the way one life can touch so many others.

As I watched, I couldn't help but think about those who have shaped my own life, the people whose curtains I'd be honored to step out from behind. And then I wondered about the people whose lives I'm shaping right now, the people who'd step out as the result of the difference my life has made for them.

And then I got to thinking about you.

No false humility here ladies. No insecurities. No, "Who me?" You are a woman of influenceand you are using that influence right now. Recognize it. Accept it. Own it. I love the way my friend and colleague Elisa Morgan lays it out in FullFill's mission: "We are influencers, you and I. All of us. From the moment we wake to the second we slip off to slumber, we are affecting our world and the people in it. Whether we know it or not. Whether we try to or not. Whether we choose to or not. We are influencers. We can influence by accident or we can influence by effort."

It's part of who we are as followers of Jesus.

At FullFill, while we're no strangers to accidental influence, we do our best to influence by effort. And we're thrilled to see that it's working! Since its inception in September 2009, The Weekly ReFill has grown to nearly 11,000 subscribers. For that, we are grateful.

But we want to keep passing it on.

Who do you know that could use a little refilling - for FREE? Who do you know that would be encouraged by knowing that you recognize them as a woman of influence? Will you take a moment right now to forward this email and invite her (or them!) to subscribe to the Weekly ReFill? Our goal in 2012 is to reach 20,000 women to live out their influence.


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And for the woman who forwards on to the most friends, we'll send you a copy of Elisa's She Did What She Could (for doing what YOU could!)

Suanne Camfield is the Blog Manager for
FullFill and a freelance writer. She works at InterVarsity Press and is a founding member of the Redbud Writer's Guild. You can find her on facebook, follow her on twitter @suannecamfield and read her blog at


  1. It's a good reminder that I am an influence.

  2. Share the thought! Forward to a friend? Thanks!