Monday, May 28, 2012

So how are you doing?

By Elisa Morgan, Publisher, FullFill

It’s almost halfway through 2012. Well, it’s almost June and once we hit June, I figure we’re about halfway through.

Time to take stock.

How are you doing? With the resolutions you made January 1? With the diet? The budget? The new way to cook and exercise? The designated time with God?

Er...uh...sorry. I don’t want this to be a downer. Really. If you’re like me, there are several little items that you haven’t followed through on. It’s easy to focus on the “less than realities” and overlook the real progress in other areas. So let’s take a minute to do that: evaluate the real progress around us.

Quit scrolling for just a sec and think. In what area have you grown? Have you read more? Been healthier? Consumed less? Prayed more? Take note! And pat yourself on the back. Well done! Celebrate the moment.

For FullFill, we declared two BIG goals and one add-on goal as we entered 2012,

First: raise $20,000 to underwrite FullFill to go to Donate 20,000 women in 2012. (It only costs $1 per woman per year to provide FullFill for FREE to all!) We’re at just over $15,000. Good news!

Second: extend our reach from the 10,000 women we serve to 20,000 in 2012. Well, we’re still about 10,000. BUT we have new relationships with lots of folks that are promising to get the word out to their constituencies.

We had a third, add-on goal - and we’ve made it! For every $10,000 above the $20,000, we committed to publishing a new digizine issue. Between gifts and advertising, we made it and so - TA DA! - you’ve just received a Spring/Summer edition: Friend O Mine. Hope you’re enjoying it! And if you haven’t had a chance to check it out - CLICK HERE for GREAT articles by Tracey Bianchi, Margot Starbuck, Shayne Moore - and MORE!

That’s how we’re doing:
#1: $15,000 out of $20,000.
#2: 10,000 women out of 20,000 women.
#3: DONE and prepping for another $10,000 in order to release a Fall/Winter digizine issue.

Oh, plus hundreds of women attending our 10 webinars. Woo Hoo!

Today, we celebrate YOU. We celebrate your progress in 2012. And we celebrate your investment in FullFill, helping us move toward our goals to empower more women to live out their influence. If God leads you to do more, go for it!

Remember, it’s only when we are full ourselves that we can fill others. Live out your influence!

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