Sunday, December 29, 2013

From Needy to "Asky"

By Elisa Morgan, Publisher, FullFill

Needy. I'm not crazy about this word. Oh, let's be honest: I don't like it at all. I prefer independent. Self-sufficient. Autonomous.

Needy isn't safe because when we're needy and our needs aren't met, we hurt. When we are needy, our yearning leans us onto the edge of pain. For food. For drink.
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For friendship. For help. For hope. Our needy makes us greedy for release. In the face of needy, we often choose numbness, denial or distraction as our method of


Yet there's a refreshing honesty - and fulfillment - in experiencing our needy. When
we accept our needy, then we can move toward our needs being met in real relationships with God and with others.

Hmmmm. Is the solution to being needy to learn to be asky? If so... I'm stepping off.
Have you given to FullFill to fill others?

I'm needy. So now, I'm asky.

December is "Give Back Month" at FullFill. And we're
nearly at the end of December. In order to meet our budget of $25,000 - that's all it costs for us to provide FullFill
FREE to all women everywhere! - we need you to prayerfully consider giving.

In order to be the best version of themselves and to live out their influence, women need encouragement. Women need inspiration. Women need empowerment and training and perspective. And here at FullFill we believe women need what we offer.

Name your number? $500 underwrites 500 women. $50 provides for 50 women. Will you meet the need? Will you give back
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FullFill is dependent on your help. In this way, we are needy. And so now we're asky. Could you maybe be givey?

"And my God will meet all your needs according to his riches in Christ Jesus." Philippians 4:19

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