Sunday, September 22, 2013

Refuse To Do Nothing [We All Can Do Something]

by Kimberly Yim and Shayne Moore

What can you do?

How encouraging it is when women intentionally gather to equip themselves to fight modern day slavery! We must be intentional and diligent and we must have a plan. For without a plan and without resolve we soon relax into the multitude of daily distractions that pull our attention away. We find ourselves doing nothing. 

We were greatly encouraged women took time out of their busy lives to participate in the webinar with FullFill magazine this week. Our hope is our time together broke hearts over what breaks the heart of God and inspired a resolve to refuse to do nothing.

After we woke up to the evils of human trafficking, along with writing a book, we also both founded local organizations to gather our communities to fight slavery and raise awareness. Kimberly Yim co-founded the San Clemente Abolitionist group in Orange County.
Shayne Moore co-Founded the West Chicagoland Anti-Trafficking Coalition.

Both organizations are a loose-knit group of friends, colleagues, and local community leaders. These groups exist to support the individual, both the individual coming out of situations of human trafficking and the individual desiring to get involved to fight slavery. We exist to support our community and to be a bridge of awareness and connection. Lastly, we exist to support non-profits on the front lines of the fight – raising awareness about organizations and connecting them to volunteers and donors.

We understand not everyone is going to write a book or start an organization but everyone can do something. Everything our groups have done have been by “ordinary” people.  Some events occur in churches, others in homes, and even at local businesses such as a wine and cheese shop. The first events we hosted were in our living rooms.

With each event our goal is to educate on a particular topic.  Some are on general human trafficking statistics, while others are targeting a specific issue such as child soldiers in Congo, Fair Trade, or a piece of legislation.  At each event we have a tangible take-away action.  It could be as simple as ‘sign a petition’, ‘buy a t-shirt’, or it could a bigger action such as ‘host an event in a home.’

Here are some things we have done and some of our favorite organizations to support. We hope it sparks your imagination on what you can do in your community and with your friends:   

·         Start with prayer. In a church or home pray for victims, for God to bind evil, for strong legislation, and for protection of those fighting and rescuing on the front lines.

·         Invisible Children – show this short film; learn about lives of child soldiers an efforts to bring them home to their families.  Purchase a t-shirt, become monthly sponsor.

·         Tread on Trafficking – LOVE 146 (  Learn about problem of child sex trafficking, raise money through donations, sign up to participate in fitness team through running, swimming, cycling. 

·         Fair Trade Shopping – learn about what Fair Trade is, shop favorite fair trade brands – (Trade as One, iSanctuary, International Princess Project, Krochet Kids)

·         Bra drive –  Bring a bra or a box of bras; learn about good small business for trafficked survivors. 

·         Bake Sale – Valentines Day.  People donate baked goods individually wrapped and sell them for $2-$5 in front of schools or churches – give $ to favorite anti-trafficking organization.

These are just a few ideas.  Experiment.  See what works for you and your friends.  And remember to tell everyone at your event to put the National Human Trafficking Hotline Number in their phone!         888-3737-888

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